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OpenTK Installation Errors

I have installed OpenTK on two machines and encountered the following errors on both when I do so:

During NShader 1.1 Setup, a message appears: 'NShader 1.1 requires Visual Studio 2008()
After this I get a 'NShader 1.1 Setup Wizard ended prematurely' and 'you system has not been modified'

Also, the Visual Studio Extension Installer give the following error twice:
'This extension is not snstallabel on any currently installed products'

Both machines are Windows 7. One has VS2008 and VS2010 installed, the other has VS2010 only.

Any ideas what is happening here? What will be the consequences of NShader not being installed?

The 15' sample seems to work fine on both machines, except that a black window appears in addition to the window containing the triangle. Maybe this is normal behaviour, but it doesn't seem right to me.


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Not having NShader just means that when you start writing GLSL shaders, there won't be any syntax highlighting if you're editing them in Visual Studio. You can download and install NShader separately if you want to edit shaders in VS and not some other shader editor program.

And the extra black window is the console window. You can remove it by going to your project's properties and changing the "Output type" (Application tab) from "Console Application" to "Windows Application". I find it pretty useful for outputting debug information quickly at the beginning of a project, though.