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Model Loading

For the last few days i have been searching for a model importer that support skeletal movement. I am avoiding writing it myself because firstly i am only just learning OpenGL, but also because i don't see why there's a necessity in remaking the wheel. What do you guys use to import your models? I find it interesting that 90% of OpenGL users will import models, yet i havn't found a single *working* importer.

Could any of you share your code or point me in the direction of a good loader?

3DS files would be best, but i don't mind if it's milkshape or whatever.

Thanks for any help :)


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Thanks! Checking it out now :)

EDIT: I don't like the md3 format for multiple reasons, one of the main ones being the lack of skeleton for animation. Does anyone know another one i could use? Preferably milkshape or 3ds thanks :)