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Can't get sound replay to work

Heya, openTK rookie here.

I want to make a simple audio visualizer application using openTK but can't get openAL to work. I have installed the openAL SDK but I get an error when I try to include the ALUT.dll in the VS2010 project.
"A reference to alut.dll cound not be created, make sure it is a valid assembly or COM component"

Been trying to get this to work for two days but nothing seems to work. Are there any WORKING examples out there with audio playback? Can't find any working ones :/


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Our OpenAL bindings used Alut in an early stage, but have been independent from it for years. The example launcher includes working OpenAL examples.

OpenAL is not made to return any feedback, besides playing the final mix of all sources through audio output. Unless you use some Extension or hack the OpenAL Soft driver to return you data, which you could base your visualization upon, this won't work.