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Personal GIT repo, please fork


I made a personal GIT repo of OpenTK.

get is using: git clone git://

The "trunk" branch is a fork of the mono/opentk/master branch with later commits from svn cherrypicked.
I also have my own complete git-svn branch locally that I use to track any new commits to the svn repo.
If anyone wonders if it was difficult to make the transition, well not really: "git svn clone"

The "master" branch in hultqvist/opentk is my personal release of work that I have done myself of found elsewhere.

I hope that some of you that would like to use git can fork this so that I can pull back changes to my own easily.

This is mostly a svn checkout into git from where I as an enthusiasts can contribute in a (git) managed manner.
However if this ends up being a success then I can see how TheFiddler makes his own "the_fiddler" or "opentk" account on github to pull from others to make the releases and manage the issue tracking.