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Red X on GLControl

So, I've got this level editor that I'm creating for a 2D side scrolling game.

I figured the simplest way to save and load levels was to serialize and deserialize the level object, but upon deserialization, the GLControl shows nothing but a white background with a giant red X. I certainly did NOT expect textures to display properly when deserialized (because of how OpenGL handles them), I was going to figure that out later, but even with texturing disabled, the red X still shows.

I'm curious if anybody has any ideas on what could be causing this. I know I've given very little info, but I have a lot of code and no idea where to look, and maybe it's something terribly obvious to someone else.

You can download the editor here: , and it's use is crudely explained by the help button. In order to reproduce this glitch, add an Actor or a Platform to the level, save the level, and then load the level. Ignore the messagebox saying it's not implemented-- it's just a reminder!

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Basically this just means an exception was thrown in one of the events, and as a result the control was disabled by WinForms in order to prevent data loss. Set your debugger to catch all unhandled exceptions and run your deserialization routine - it should halt on the line that caused it.


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So I did end up figuring out the problem. It was that you really can't serialize Texture's with openGL so I set some things to non-serializeable attributes, and saved paths for proper reloading. Problem fixed.