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Hooray for OpenTK!

Just wanted to share with you my love for OpenTK! It is really getting better and better every week :)

Anybody wanna join in the celebration, add a comment below!


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Hehe, I will.
Certainly a lot of fun to play with.
Should be making a post in the personal projects section with a small game I'm working on with it soon. :o)

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Indeed, we should write a gregorian chant in order to worship Fiddler appropriately :)

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Great job indeed master Fiddler!
Congrats to Inertia too for his work on openAL!

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Thanks for your kind words, I guess... :)

Though when I hear about chants, I start to think about Oracle DBAs and their cabalistic ways. :P

Edit: Ok, since we are in the self, err, congratulation mode right now, a few interesting tidbits:

  • 0.9.0 has been downloaded 1236 times (about 1/3 of all OpenTK downloads to date).
  • Miguel de Icaza, of Gnome and Mono fame, has mentioned OpenTK and Tao in his blog.
  • According to Ohloh code metrics, OpenTK currently comprises of 86176 lines of code, although between all contributed patches, samples and not-commited features, it is closer to 90000.
  • This site is running on Drupal, using a version of the Hunchbaque theme heavily modified by a miserably inept web programmer (that's me). Despite the lean looks, www.opentk.com consumed 1.9GB of bandwidth during February.
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That explains the delay of 0.9.1, refreshing statistics every 5 minutes and enter the results into charts consumes quite some time 'we' guess.

2GB traffic is quite a bit, are you hosting a secret pr0n site on this server 'we' haven't found yet?

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Yeah, that takes quite a bit of time. Not that I, err, do that or something...

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There has been some discussion in the #mono channel recently about whether we would create or endorse a gaming API developed by a third party. Like blessing Tao or OpenTK as the standard way of building games for Mono.

What are actually the options? Mono.XNA had more not-implemented-exceptions than working code last time I've taken a look. SDL.Net?

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As far as I know these are the cross-platform options: Tao, OpenTK, SDL.Net, and... that's it.

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I think the download count sited above is artifically low, I switched to pulling from the SVN repository shortly after the last 0.3.x release.

I experimented with Tao.OpenGl and "C# Wrapper for OpenGL : Version 11" from http://colinfahey.com/csharp_wrapper_opengl_windows/csharp_wrapper_for_o..., both projects could have worked in our development, however OpenTK even in the early 0.3.x releases exhibited a more .Net kindly framework that really resonated with our development practises.

The 0.9.0 release and the helpful coaching plus a couple quick fixes provided by Fiddler and others on this forum continue to validate the decision to utilize OpenTK.

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Agreed, Tao is solid but really low level. Not everyone's flavor. It's good to know though that Tao bindings work nicely together with OpenTK: e.g. you can use OpenTK for context&message handling and code graphics with Tao.OpenGL

There's a couple more OpenGL wrappers out there for .Net, but most appear to be abandoned due to the upcoming GL3.