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Add [Serializable] attribute to structures in OpenTK.Math [resolved]


i would suggest to add the [Serializable] attribute to structures like Matrix4x4 or Vector3. So you are able to serialize the data to a file.

I currently need this, because i have a file format for storing vector special graphics, internally i want to use structures out of the OpenTK.Math namespace.

What do you think?


georg wächter


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Already done this for the double-precision structures in 0.9.1 is the [Serializable] attribute. Will add to the rest before release.

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cool :)

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Hi, I don't think Vector3 is marked as serializable in 0.9.1, and it really should be :)

I've just started to use OpenTK, and I must say it works really well so far, except for the abovementioned, and how the OpenGLControl looks while editing in VS2005

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How does GLControl look in the designer? There used to be some issues with redrawing, but these were fixed at some point. Can you please start a new topic, maybe with a screenshot? (I no longer have VS2005).

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Any info on [Serializable] for Vector3;

or how can I find / use vector3d (which is set as [Serializable] from OpenTK 0.9.1 (can I?), and are there any large differences between vector3 and vector3d?

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The difference between Vector3 and Vector3d is that the former is using floats; the latter doubles. The double-precision structures are not yet available (that's not that big of a problem, since GL2 doesn't support double precision primitives).

I've just added the serializable attribute to the Vector*, Matrix4 and Quaternion structs in SVN, along with operator== implementations. To use the updated code, checkout from SVN and compile OpenTK (head to the Build/ directory and type "build vs" from a command prompt to create a VS2005 solution).