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SharpGL or OpenTK

For the record I am a newbie when it comes to OpenGL I've generally dealt with DirectX(generally with a library not low level) and I'm looking to develop my game engine on top of OpenGL mainly because this way it can be compiled on any system and the platforms I plan on reaching are.
- iOs
- Android
- Windows(2000-7) Yes many people still use 2000, I use 7 for graphical/tools reasons otherwise XP is a good Os still.
- Mac OS X Intel (10.5-current)
- Linux (Will be testing on Arch Linux)

I don't think sharpgl or opentk will have a problem with this, I'm just wondering what are the differences between sharpgl and opentk to make an educated decision.


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As far as I know, OpenTK is the way to go because it powers MonoTouch (iOS) and MonoDroid (Android).

I don't know about SharpGL, you will have to contact the developer of the project and learn more about the capabilities of the library.

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Opengl have cleaner api, and with opentk, it is very nice to program with ogl (because of these enums). And can do cross-platform applicati0ns.

SharpDX/SlimDX, you write only windows software. Dont know these apis, cant say anything bad (and good ;) ).

If you want to develop to android, I suggest changing to java (its compiler is free, monoandroid isnt).
And if you check java, check jme3, there you can write very easily android software, I checked and writed little demo to my galaxy mini in 30min. But, it is java, and I just changed it to c# again, I, myself, dont like java..

But, keep testing ;)

(edit): Oops, My bad, I first read sharpDX, not sharpGL :D But, OTK then, is the way to go.

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OpenTK supports OpenGL ES and is bundled with MonoDroid/MonoTouch for Android and iOS. Last time I checked SharpGL did not support OpenGL ES at all.

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Been playing with both, OpenTK just seems "more" complete.
For the DX side I preferred slimdx.

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I love OpenTK .. xD