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Release early - release often

Update: Mesa3d 7 works ok now, but testing under 32-bit Windows resulted in frequent crashes (probably linked to opengl context creation). I'm debugging now, trying to find what the error is.

The next release, planned for today, has been slightly delayed due to problems with Mesa3d 7. I'll upload when I get it to work (or when I give up!)

0.3.10, contains bugfixes for several issues identified on 0.3.9: Window and context initialization and destruction are more robust now (though problems may still arise in some abnormal situations), the problems with the 'byte' versions of Color3/4 have been corrected, and startup time has been slightly improved.

The new release features more complete WGL bindings and introduces some convenience functions in OpenTK.OpenGL.GL (overloads for Color3/4 to take a System.Drawing.Color).

Stay tuned!