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German Translation


i'm currently doing the German translation of the documentation. For that i need a new root page within the Wiki. Can somebody from the webmasters add the entry "German" to the Translation so that i cann add the German pages one after another. thanks




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I think it's missing in the menu though :)

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Not really, I'm updating the whole menu layout.

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Since I've written ~2/3 of the book pages, I believe to have a veto-right here.

1) All feedback regarding the pages so far was "nice", "great" or "thank you". This isn't really helping making the pages any better, although no complaints are already a good thing.

2) I'm occasionally re-reading the pages and making improvements (after getting some distance to what I wrote, and having a more objective impression what is actually explained there). None of the pages I posted are v1.0 final.

3) The removal of Alut/Alc will have great impact on the OpenAL pages. The addition of TKU.dll will affect other pages (dds texture compression iirc) aswell.

4) All translations should link to the original page - which they were translated from - which in turn should hold a small list with translations of it available. This allows not-yet-translated pages to be created already, and filled in later.

5) The translations should not be in the navigation menu unless at the very least the link structure to the original page - mentioned in 4) - is established. I'd rather see 50% of the translation done already before doing this, but this might be too hard a restriction.

6) Translations should also be proofread by at least 1 person who knows english and the language translated to fairly well. (Proofreader must have read both pages and confirm them to be ~95% identical (100% identical code) - this isn't optional)

7) Accepting to translate the book is a commitment to complete the task in a timely manner, let's say at least 1 page per week. A rate of 1 page/month is kinda useless, since people can learn english quicker than waiting for that translation ;)

Don't get this wrong, I don't mean to spoil the fun of this enterprise. Don't misunderstand the 'veto' to mean forbidden.

But hopefully you will agree that it will inevitably be a mess without some guidelines. (The list I made is just the problems I see right now, it could probably be extended by a couple more objections when giving it more thought).

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thanks ... now the introduction and the installation sites are translated. The next pages are coming in the next days/weeks.

I'll not translate the OpenAL pages because they will change in the future.


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As we discussed in PMs, your help is much appreciated :) But it had to be clarified what problems might arise.

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Noticed while proofreading the translation:
It's never mentioned that you should add the OpenTK.xml into your project for inline documentation. This is at least true for VC#, can anyone confirm that this is true for MonoDevelop|other IDE too?
Maybe there is another way to add the documentation to the IDE itself, rather than adding it per project?

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I usually put up my projects like this:

Game.sln                   // in the root, no other file here
ThirdParty/OpenTK.dll|xml  // and other dependencies, structured into subfolders if many

.. and then in the projects, I add references to OpenTK.dll getting IntelliSense, but being careful when Project1 references Project2, to add it via the "Projects" tab.

This way all paths in the .sln and .csproj's are relative. I hate absolute paths, they've given me my share of headache in my developer life...

I don't worry so much that OpenTK.dll or other dll's exist in multiple places on my hard drive, after all they're local to each and every solution so it's very easy to manage. Hard drives are cheap..

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Maybe add it to ? Would be cool if you could add a couple of screenshots, this worked pretty well in your GLControl tutorial :)

It seems Visual Studio uses .hxs files, rather than xml. How about MonoDevelop?

Edit: Thanks :) is a good example why book pages should not allow discussions inside it, but rather force people to discuss in the forum.

The german translation of this page only covers the initial post, and doesn't collapse the discussion below into it. Imo it cannot be the translator's responsibility to do this, as translation and original will be totally off. Rather make it the original author's responsibility to update the post with the discussion's results?

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I'll go for the simplest solution for now (update the page with the result of the discussion). For the next version of the site software, I'm considering a separate forum and "discuss this page at the forum" links automatically added to every book page.