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OpenGL and GLSL Version decision

Hi there!

I'm writing an application that uses FBOs, shaders and displayLists (will maybe replaced by VBOs) . Most of my Code (also the shaders) are written against lower OpenGL versions.
So i'm just wondering if i should make everything 3.0 compliant or ignore it?

What are the benefits of a newer OpenGL version or GLSL version?
If it's only the fact of new features, i can ignore it.

Are there other benefits beside new features?
By example: Will shaders of version 1.5 be faster than shaders of version 1.3?

Are there any negative points of using newer versions? (right now i only see compatibilty-problems of doing this)

If possible, i want to use the lowest version to support as many hardware as possible.

Thanks for your answers ;)


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OpenGL 4 have tesselation which is nice, but myself I dont use even 3.
OpenGL 2.0 (with GLSL) programs should work almost everyone (unlike 3 or 4 atm).

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Thanks for your reply!

In this program, i don't need the tesselation feature.

so - if there aren't any improvements in performance or anything else i don't really see a reason to use a newer version