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German Translation


i'm currently doing the German translation of the documentation. For that i need a new root page within the Wiki. Can somebody from the webmasters add the entry "German" to the Translation so that i cann add the German pages one after another. thanks




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"Discuss"-links on book pages would be great. Like wikipedia has for every page, right?

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Mhmm I believe it's only a few pages that really require discussion. Especially 'getting started' topics.

For example the AL pages are only describing how to setup the context and explain basic function calls. They were kept rather short and do recommend to the reader to download the OpenAL SDK for it's documentation, which also goes into topics like DSPs and is much more verbose and detailed than I could explain it - ever. (most of those topics are also out of OpenTK Documentation's scope)

Not sure if that is _the_ way to do it, but it matches with objarni's request to explain OpenTK specific changes to the C API.

Maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea mentioning to red book somewhere in the GL documentation aswell, there's a couple of legal html versions mirrored by universities. It covers state, texturing, viewing matrices, lighting, etc. so well that it might actually be better to link to it, rather than trying to fill in the blanks into on our own.