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A Tutorials / Examples Forum?


Since OpenTK Specific tutorials/examples are a little lacking right now, I think it would be a good idea to create a Tutorials / Examples Forum were users can post tutorials & examples that are specifically written for OpenTK.

Possible guidelines for posting a tutorial/example could be:

  • List what version of OpenTK the tutorial/example is using.
  • What version of OpenGL it targets (2.1, 3.x etc..)?
  • What Platform (.Net/Mono under OSX/X11/Windows(XP|Vista) 32/64)
  • If the tutorial is based on / converted from another tutorial, please credit the original author & provide a link to the original if possible.
  • (You might want to add some guidelines for submitting source code etc..)

I think a forum like this would encourage people to create new tutorials/examples & it would be a great resource for people who are just starting out with OpenTK to search, & depending on the quality of the tutorial, you might be able to add them to the OpenTK docs...



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Funny thing you mention this right when I'm about to reorganize the forums. :)

Makes sense actually. I'll add a forum and epending on its usage it may go or stay in the future.

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Cool, I'm working on a project from the ground up, & learning OpenGL as I go. There are many tutorials out there, & I'm going to practically be converting them to OpenTK anyway, so maybe I'll be able to contribute some tutorials along the way. :)


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Contributions are always welcome, but I recommend you check the Source/Examples folder in the distribution before starting to prepare any source code you intend to contribute, to avoid duplicates. Also VBO are covered in the documentation

What Platform (.Net/Mono under OSX/X11/Windows(XP|Vista) 32/64)
OpenTK makes this irrelevant, unless you start dllimport OS-specific functions. Everything written for Net under WinXP 32 runs fine under Win64 and Linux with only a simple dll.config file added to the directory for Mono. This will soon be true for MacOS aswell :)
Like Fiddler put it: "Compile once - run everywhere!"

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Actually, the dll.config requirement will be lifted in 0.9.2 (already coded the solution, but it's too late for 0.9.1) :)

Apart from this, these guidelines are fine (summed up at, feel free to comment there for corrections/updates). Platform-specific code should be avoided, unless there's a really good reason.