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Very "simple" navigation viewer?

Hello everyone,

I just downloaded and started to mess around with OpenTK. Very nice wrapper around OpenGL.

My main goal by using OpenTK is to draw points in 3D (point cloud) so that the user can navigate around this with the mouse (scroll to zoom in and out, left button to pan, right button to rotate. Something similar to this). Basically, make a very basic point cloud viewer.

I have find that there is 2 way of using OpenTK. The first is to use it in the console and the other one with the OpenTK control into a winform. For my application, I need it in a winform because there will be a very complete set of feature to do measurement, etc.. By doing my tests, I discovered that the GameWindow is very nice because you can set a FrameRate and the animation in the application have a steady speed. I hasn't been able to do so with the Windows Form one.

I was very happy when I find this Page. It's about the developpement of a win form based GameWindow where I can set a fps. If I read the bug information, it's supposed to have been included in version 0.9.x. but I can't find it in the example folder of my installation that seems to be the version 1.0 . The code posted in this page is very interesting because it's all well done and clean, and the only part left to do is to do the coding of the mouse event.

So I have a couple of questions:

  1. Do you know any code around here that already deal with very simple manipulation of the camera for visualisation purpose (no first person shooter control).
  2. Do you know where the code from this Page has gone in the release version? Maybe it's there waiting to be used!

Thanks a lot!

Jean-François Côté