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Forum guidelines.

Use this forum to post your own OpenTK tutorials.


  1. Must be related to OpenTK or Mono/.Net. No DirectX tutorials, for example!
  2. If it is a port of an existing tutorial, a) make sure you have the permission of the original author, and b) link back to the original article.
  3. All code samples must indicate which OpenTK version they refer to.
  4. You should also indicate minimum system requirements, if it makes sense (e.g. GLSL requires OpenGL 2.0). The code should fail gracefully if the requirements are not met.
  5. Please avoid platform specific code, unless you want to show a platform specific technique.

Common sense, really.

Articles posted here will be reviewed and, possibly, added to the OpenTK manual, unless you indicate you do not wish this. You keep the rights to your articles, even if they are included in the manual. If they are included, however, we maintain the right to make edits to fit the overall style of the manual.