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OpenTK and fonts

What is the best alternative to FreeType for C#? does OpenTK have anything built into it to help with rendering text?


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thanks. took a second but I got it up and running

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Ok, ran into my first issues with QuickFont.

GL.Clear(ClearBufferMask.ColorBufferBit | ClearBufferMask.DepthBufferBit | ClearBufferMask.StencilBufferBit);
            GL.LoadMatrix(ref camView);
            int qFontLine = 0;
            InfFont.Print("FPS: " + Math.Round(RenderFrequency, 2), new Vector2(0, 0));
            InfFont.Print(new String('\n', ++qFontLine) + "X: " + Math.Round(camCoord.X, 2));
            InfFont.Print(new String('\n', ++qFontLine) + "Y: " + Math.Round(camCoord.Y, 2));
            InfFont.Print(new String('\n', ++qFontLine) + "Z: " + Math.Round(camCoord.Z, 2));
            InfFont.Print(new String('\n', ++qFontLine) + "H-Angle: " + Math.Round(camAngle.Y, 2));
            InfFont.Print(new String('\n', ++qFontLine) + "V-Angle: " + Math.Round(camAngle.X, 2));

now when I run this, the coordsys that I draw disappears. Is there something about quickfont that clears the screen at QFont.Begin or QFont.Print, etc... that is causing everything else to disappear?

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took some time but I finally figured it out.

using GL.PushAttrib(AttribMask.ColorBufferBit); before

and GL.PopAttrib(); after the Qfont render allowed for both to be drawn, and both bright (I saw some other people had dimming issues)

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You can use AltSketch. It has AltNETType - C# port of FreeType. Look at AltSketch C# vector graphics library

AltNETType (transformation + centering + kerning)
AltSketch QuickFont

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AltSketch also contains high level classes to operate with fonts (system fonts, custom font files) in System.Drawing.Font style. High level AltSketch render system can draw raster & vectorized outline data.

AltSketch QuickFont
AltSketch QuickFont

AltSketch Vector Text Single Path Transformer
AltSketch QuickFont