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Voxel Engine built with OpenTK / C#

Hi everyone, been reading the OpenTK forum and working with OpenTK for about a year now. Wanted to post a link to the main project I've been working on, which is a voxel engine built in C# and OpenGL utilizing OpenTK. I've seen a lot of voxel engines out there on the web but none very far along using OpenTK.

Please have a look at http://www.voxelgame.com

There you can see screenshots / videos and download a copy of the engine and give it a try. Currently the engine supports the creation of randomly generated worlds, building blocks, breaking blocks, sounds, multiplayer and more. Once in the game, press F1 for a list of commands. You can even try connecting to my server at hornet.voxelgame.com

Down the road we have several game play ideas we plan to build on top of the engine. But for now looking for feedback on performance, issues, bugs and just general comments on the engine so far. Also any technical questions feel free to send to me or post on our forums.



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Voxel Game version 0.2.371 has been released. Anyone that has the previous version will get a notification on the launcher to auto patch.

Patch notes:

  • New character model for multiplayer
  • Multiplayer optimizations
  • Music added
  • /music on|off command added
  • Improved logic for grass growth/removal
  • Underwater fog effect and sound added
  • /vsync command added to toggle vertical sync in game
  • Added MOTD for servers

New multiplayer demo video http://youtu.be/jzA-DqK5jGM

Castle built on our server hornet.voxelgame.com

Try out the project I'm working on: http://www.voxelgame.com

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Voxel Game version 0.3 has been released.

Over 350 people have now downloaded and used previous versions, however only a small few have sent feedback. Still looking for more feedback and testing, and please visit the forums to post bugs, questions, screenshots, etc.

  • Added sky gradient and day/night cycle
  • Added rotating sun and moon
  • Added /time command to show the game world time
  • Light can now emit from blocks and spread
  • Added block type picker on the right toolbar, visible in creative mode (Ctrl+C)
  • Added sticky bomb projectiles, press Y
  • Block items now bob up and down when waiting to be picked up
  • Block items now decay and are removed after 10 minutes
  • Added ability to paste into chat
  • Chunk rebuild times cut in half
  • Performance rendering optimizations
  • Fixed minor bug causing place block sound to play too often
  • Fixed bug that allowed walking out of waterfalls
  • Many more blocks now auto grow; snow now melts in grass worlds, shallow water can turn to ice in winter, etc.

Try out the project I'm working on: http://www.voxelgame.com