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GL.Lookat mathematics

could I please get a little help? I'm trying to figure out the math for GL.Lookat() function.

I'm having problems figuring out 'moving forward' from an arbitrary position and angle.

my preferred input is a gamepad (right now i'm using XNA for the gamepad).

I have the following variables:

UpVector (0,1,0)


for CameraYaw i was inputting as degrees. Originally I was thinking it was something like using Sin and Cos of CameraYaw to figure out the correct viewing angle but it wasn't working correctly. Hope that makes sense :-/


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If I'm not mistaken i should turn the degrees to radians, then for x take sin(radian y rotation), z take cos(result radian y rotation) y take sin(radian x rotation), correct?

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got it, going to post it up for others if they want something simple