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Android ported to C#

After the change of management in Java technology, it's freedom was compromised also. This led Oracle and Google in epic court battles. Xamarin was the force that shaped the success of Mono Framework and now they even went one step ahead to create totally new Mobile Operating System based on C#.
I hope that Google find it interesting and soon switch to it, I am glad I use C# and even more OpenTK, which is the leading cross platform OpenGL solution.

One problem is what is going on with Android applications written in Java if transition occurs, perhaps they could also run in the CLR?


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I thought that android doesnt use java internally, you compile it to binary format before uploading it to the device. So one can use any language but compiler must exist.

And I think monodroid and monoitouch (or what these names are), do the same, compiles c# to different binary formats and then one can upload these to right devices (unfortunately these are quite expensive for indie developers, $399 ..)

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For more information see Dalvik VM, it's very similar to JavaVM but it's better optimized in deployment aspects.

I have used only Mono Touch so far, your source code is compiled into binary files shipped along with the Mono iOS runtime, also an XCode project is generated that loads all of these, ready for deployment to store. I guess the same goes for MonoDroid. This is the reason why C# succeeded into breaking through mobile development, but having Mono support integrated to the operating system is something else. Could make things even easier, too early though to make a statement.

Also about the cost, in the first months of using MonoTouch is thought that the licence was a big problem, but then by using each technology I see that is humanly impossible to deploy to 3 platforms, too much workload almost make it a dream for an indie developer, the benefits of a single codebase (and correct principles like MVC) lower the cost in any case.