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OpenTK / .Net on Microsoft Tablet

I've seen a bit of activity talking about OpenGL and mobile systems, etc.... As you all know the new Microsoft tablet is planned to come out this fall, what do you think the .Net support is going to look like for them? I'm expecting it to be high, but do you think it will get modified / limited support compared to desktops? If so, how well do you think OpenTK would port to it?


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It seems impossible due to the fact that Microsoft ditched OpenGL, even Cocos2D game engine will have a DirectX11 renderer.
This is a small problem in my opinion but still not too bad.

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Someday Microsoft will only be a memory. For my part, from Ubuntu 12.10 I will try to completely eliminate Windows from my computer.

Goodbye Microsoft-Windows ...

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Won't the tablets run windows 8 ? and doesn't OpenTK support windows 8 ?

I'm assuming there won't be any problems ( unless maybe for the Metro style app system )

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As a matter of hardware aspect it will be extra effort for Microsoft support OpenGLES, also it's a matter of status quo. Because OpenGL3 is modern and competitive it would be a great alternative to DirectX, that would drive away DirectX developers off and use OpenGL instead for code-reusability purposes. But this goes for pure tablet devices, with tablet PCs (tablet/laptop hybrid) you won't have any problems at all because it's a normal PC (but not so compact in relation to a tablet), but in general words, it's bad loosing all of these potential Tablet users.

When a company merges the Software/Hardware marketing strategy it gives you headaches.

As miguel said, Ubuntu rocks, wait to see what happens when Ubuntu Phone and Ubuntu Tablet hit the market... :D