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OpenTK 0.3.10 - bugs and stability

Ok, it's time for a brave new release! Many bugfixes in this one, I'd call 0.3.10 a buggy bug-fix release, but that wouldn't make for a good marketing name.

What's new? Not many things, OpenTK now contains complete Wgl bindings and has some new overloads for GL.Color3 and GL.Color4 (they can now take a System.Drawing.Color directly, just a small convenience). The real work has been going on in the background, improving stability and fixing bugs.

There's no point in listing all squashed bugs, but the most important are these (yes, I like lists!):

  • GLControl now selects a visual with the bit-depth as the parent window under Linux. Much more compatible now.
  • Corrected some critical bugs that could take down the X server.
  • OpenTK is now compatible with Mesa3d 7.0.x.
  • GLControl and GameWindow should load faster now.
  • WinForms examples no longer throw exceptions when an example using a GameWindow has been launched first.

All these sound very nice indeed, but for one small problem: Examples may crash or deadlock when run under Windows XP. It's an exceedingly strange problem, since it doesn't occur under 64-bit Vista or Linux. If you can confirm the problem and have any ideas, please post at the forums, thanks!

Not much more to say, except that I suggest you upgrade to the new version for increased stability (unless you, ahem, happen to use Windows XP).

As always feel free to post at the forums if you have any suggestions or bugs to report. It's absolutely free, you don't even need to register. Really! :)


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I'm really impressed! keep up the good work. Once it works on XP (I tried adding a GLControl to a form many times and it would add but the next time I clicked on the form to move it or whatever it would crash visual studio. Like, not with the option of viewing debug info, or sending anything to microsoft, just closed Visual Studio with no warnin' or message. weird!) I Would love to move some projects over to OpenTK.

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Hey, thanks! :)

I thought I had corrected this issue, at least the form designer seemed stable on Vista (never occured to test under XP, too). Is it only me, or is the designer VS2005 really buggy? A hosted control shouldn't be able to take it down like this, even if it misbehaved!

In any case, I'll add a workaround in the next release (GLControl will detect if it is hosted inside the designer and won't create an opengl context then), and send a bug report to the Visual Studio team.

Edit: You do have the Service Pack installed, don't you?

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no I didn't have the sp. I'm downloading it now, thanks.