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Currently using Tao opengl wrapper for Visual Basic 2010 express

I have been working on a project in vb2010 express using tao opengl wrapper. A friend of my set it up a new project for me with all the project referencing etc etc, things that i know very little about.

Anyways, I have lost contact with this guy, and re-installed windows with a fresh install of vb2010 express, but now my project refuses to work with all kinds of weired errors such as the computer reading one opengl line and then just skips the rest in the function and moves on to the next function... reallly weiredm things i cant fix with my debugging skills.

So I need a solution, I either need to set up my existing VB2010 express environment properly (project referencing of dlls etc etc) with files i already have in my project folder or do a massive overhaul of the program by changing it to openTK.

If possible I want to try the first option but there is no existing documentation on how to set up visualbasic 2010 express for tao.

I understand a lot of people here may have had experiences with tao on vb2010 express.

If so can u guys help me out with the first option? If not then the 2nd.

What should i do?


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Ok thanks will try what u said... also thanks for the tip about gamedev.