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Moving from GDI+

Hi there,
we have been having some trouble with GDI+ in vb.net in that it's painfully slow.
We have hundreds of lines and arcs in a windows form and we want to
develop a new engine if you will possibly using Opentk.

Our forms contain a view window(a panel) where the lines and arcs are contained,
and these are controlled with various windows form objects like; buttons,
text boxes & radio buttons.

We have tried to create a test window with OpentK. Getting the odd
triangle to load when the dialog loads is OK. But we can't seem to apply
any control over say the vertices once it's loaded with the form controls.

We have essentially been on this for 4 days now searching the internet
for examples but we have come up empty. My browser window
in foxfire is nothing but purple links.

Is there an example that any one knows of with this working?

Is it even possible?

Kind regards,

Martin Quigley.


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Sounds like you miss a glControlx.MakeCurrent() call, more here at the [Methods] paragraph.

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thanks we got it sorted, or rather another staff member did after I passed on this comment: :D.