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Confusion about OpenTK Versions when using GWEN-dotnet

Hello everybody,

I'm new to OpenTK and not sure if I missed something. So my question might be stupid.
Anyway, I downloaded OpenTK via SourceForge and got everything running at once. So kudos to the developers.

But while I was programming my application I was looking for a libary, framework or extension to create a GUI with OpenTK ( respectively OpenGL ). So I stumbled accross GWEN which also has a nice C# port. GWEN-dotnet even supports OpenTK. The problems start when I referenced because it comes with a OpenTK Version newer then the latest Sourceforge Version (GWEN's OpenTK is 1.1.647 while SourceForge only offers 1.0.278).
If I use the newer Version (to enable GWEN) all the Glu Functions won't work because OpenTK.Compatibilty has the wrong version and if I still keep the 1.0.278 Version GWEN won't help me with my GUI because it needs OpenTK 1.1.x

Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.

Greetings from Germany,


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The GLU stuff is only used in the SMFL render of Gwen.
Gwen has several different render implementations, you only need the OpenTK renderer.

If you want to build the lib yourself just get latest version from SVN.
Open the solution and exclude the projects that you don't need. ( keep: Gwen, Gwen.Sample.OpenTK, Gwen.UnitTest and Gwen.Renderer.OpenTK)
And add the references to the OpenTK version your using.

Let me know if this solves your problem :-)

edit: forgot to add Gwen.Renderer.OpenTK