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OpenTK.Input.Mouse doesnt work in windows 8

Project:The Open Toolkit library
Category:bug report

When trying to use OpenTK.Input.Mouse.GetState() in windows 8, MouseState.X and MouseState.Y always returns 0 and isConnected always = false even when a mouse is present on the system.

This behavior has been experienced by me and another forum member.


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A solution to this problem is offered in this topic:

It still needs to be tested on certain system configurations though. Please see the topic for more information.

Can someone test this and if it works properly add it to the OpenTK code?

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Status:open» fixed

This issue is now fixed and will be available in the next release.

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Version:1.x-dev» 1.1-2014-01-02
Status:fixed» closed

Closing bugs fixed in OpenTK 1.1.

If this is still an issue please file a new bug report at