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Loading a windows form while running a game window

Hi I'm new to opentk and currently trying to make a camera simulator

What I have now is a simple program that can control the camera angles and position using the standard game window.

What i'm trying to do is to load a second window dialog where I can control the camera angles and display as well without

having to make an interface.

As of now I see that I have two options to make an interface; one through making a graphic for the interface and load it onto

the game screen, and the other option being the one I explained above. I think the latter one would be easier for tweaking

around, but I need to find out how to load a second windows form dialog while running a game window.

I've tried on my own but it seems one won't load while the other is still running.

Anyway to make this possible?


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It seems to be an issue of being a modal form, is there a work around way of making it modeless?