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How to detect Key Pad Up, Down, Left and Right keys?

I understand that it would be logical to have the keys:


Why no? Can do differently?

Help, please ...


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Are you serious?
The Keypad is the Digitpad on the right of your keypad, not the keyboard itself. Use Key.Up, Key.Down ... instead. This could be done by thinking and searching.

make sure to check out this website.


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Formulate the question differently.

There is a method equivalent to the method System.Windows.Forms.Control.IsKeyLocked (Keys.NumLock) in OpenTK. I have not found it, does anyone know how to do this?.

To punkkeks, you can be sure that before a propose a question in this forum I have searched for a solution.


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I'm interpreting this (old) question to be... How do you detect the state-of-numlock using OpenTK input?

In a quick look through the code, I don't see any way do it. I'll fish some more and if there is no way, I'll add one in my branch on github.