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Font missing spaces

I'm sure I miss something here: On _some_ (or most) fonts, the OpenTK TextRenderer seems to leave out the blank spaces (see attachment). For "Times New Roman" it is ok. For "Arial" its not. (Both labels get the same text in the 2nd line).

Also, in the picture, one can see those strange artefacts like ugly tiny lines disturbing the letters (some, but not all 'e', even 2 through the 'm' of 'Roman'). What is causing those?

The problems do not depend on the font size.

Yes, I cache the glyphs using TextRenderer.Prepare(). Running on Windows XP (.NET2.0). OpenTK Version 0.9.0. Using a fairly cheap onboard graphic. Newest OpenGL hardware vendor drivers installed.

fontMissSpaces.PNG98.89 KB


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Not a big deal. I'm not relying solely on TK's TextRenderer: Figured out, that GDI drawing works also nicely (most the time) - even on OpenGL context bounded control surfaces. But since this is also not reliable (at least not on Vista, no idea about Linux yet) it would be great to always have a fallback available.

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I managed to reproduce the problem on an Intel 865 chip - to be fixed.