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Is OpenTK Dead? [solved: no, it is not]

Hi all,

Is OpenTK still under development, or is it dead?

I noticed some disturbing signs, like:

- Forums get one post per day max
- No nightly releases since March
- No official releases since 2010
- No news or blog posts since 2010


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in all fairness, doesn't opentk support most of the latest features of OpenGL?

you'd probably have to go to C++ in order to be able to use the most bleeding edge technologies implimented anyway

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that having been said it would be nice to see more life in the project from time to time. at the very least maybe a quarterly update or something so people know it's still being worked on

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The problem is that there is only one developer 'fiddler'. If this is so!, One must conclude that OpenTK is dead.

I'm waiting for a fork, while I again reminded some Pascal (FreePascal + Lazarus). I am of the tribe of the Pascal language.

Greetings all.

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IMHO: yes, it is.

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i'm not gonna lie, i've wondered that a few times. But once again, who else is there to provide extra functionality? I'm certainly not skilled enough to continue the development of it. Also, what other alternatives are there? Not many. I hear that SharpTK is good, is that getting updated regularly?

It certainly would be nice if some of the functionality would at least be finished, but honestly most of OpenTK is stable from what I've seen. I think the website could maybe get spruced up a little and look more modern. It looks like it was made back in 2003. It would be cool to add some more common features as well. Perhaps an upvote/downvote style thing, maybe have forum posts show up in recent activity and blog posts show up only if you are subscribed to that person, Also some of the documentation could probably be a little better organized and fleshed out, But It's definitely stable for the most part.

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FYI, MonoGame uses OpenTK (among others), and that seems quite active. It seems like the project reached a point of stability (OpenTK that is), but nobody's taking it further; maybe that's not a bad thing, I don't know. At least with the release of Windows 8, there may be some work here left to do.

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OpenTK is stable for production use.

Fixing issues (and tech support) is simply in slo-mo, because we pay noone to do it.

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Taking into account that last bug fix in official repo was about a year ago, it is a VERY SLOW mo :)

There are over 9000 forks on github. Peoples who use OpenTK clone and refine it to satisfy their needs. Among this refinements I've seen some nice general OpenTK fixes.

I personally thinking of to find time for hacking opentk to add OpenGL 4.3 support somehow

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I have two fixes I'd love to port into openTK (to do my part in making sure the project isn't totally dead..)

It looks like the SourceForge SVN is the official project repository, but only TheFiddler has commit access. I'm not sure about the github forks.. From a quick look, it seems like most of them are unchanged and have no commits (as is the case with most github forks..). But it certainly seems unfortunate that there's no common place for improvements and fixes to get back to.

Given that monogame and other projects rely on OpenTK, I'd think that they'd have an interest in sharing their changes- if for no other reason to make it easier for them to support their products.

I for one would be interested in helping out a bit with OpenTK- particularly in the areas of Mac support. While the project definitely works, nothing quite seems to work out of the box on the Mac platform.

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I've been pondering these days, it is not correct to say that OpenTK is dead, I agree with 'inertia' is a stable project for production but I agree with 'golkeeper' everything is going very slow. 'Fiddler' seems to be missing.

Personally there are issues that I do not expose here, I think the only developer 'fiddler' not going to see.