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Is OpenTK Dead? [solved: no, it is not]

Hi all,

Is OpenTK still under development, or is it dead?

I noticed some disturbing signs, like:

- Forums get one post per day max
- No nightly releases since March
- No official releases since 2010
- No news or blog posts since 2010


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Well no offense, but I don't quite consider it "stable for production use" on the Mac platform... seeing as I can't detect the "8" key at all without fixes... and a handful of other mac related problems.

While the source out of latest is much better for Mac support than the last release, I'm concerned that people might give up on the project if they don't take the time to get ahold of the latest code. (I initially started with the release, thinking it would probably work).

That being said, I think it's a great project, and all things considered, it's serving me well enough.

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I have started studying Git and I am considering to create my own OpenTK repository on Github, am I the 1000th person to say this in this forum? :D.

I have tracked many of the branches and I think that possibly could be a good idea to make a super merging of all them to keep things updated and eventually, merging them into a whole new version.

I don't know perhaps there are even many more repositories on googlecode, codeplex, sourceforge, so I will have a look on it.

Also it will act as a temporary solution in order to let the project evolve, so the idea is to be open to commits of community members. It's bad that the project has halted for a few months now, while there could hundreds of bugfixes, but on the other hand that's the beauty of MIT licence which is unrestricted so anyone can maintain his own repository.

Disclaimer: Learning Git is trivial for me as a beginner but I think that I will get good at it in a couple of weeks. On the other there is someone who is a Git Wizard, then he can do the repo easier and faster than me. Only make your announcements here to let us know where to get the latest hot version.

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Hey, nice work Flopoloco!

My github user name is AndyKorth- if you do create a new group repository, I'd appreciate push access, and I could commit a few of the bug fix patches I've mentioned in the forum.

I took a brief look through the forks you linked. It does look like there aren't a huge number of unique changes. Hultqvist's have been forked a number of times by different people. Sappharad has two commits. One is a Mac fix that I can test and port. Ollhax did some work with Cocoa, which is nice, but he suggests it's not really complete. Moving away from Carbon to Cocoa windowing would be nice.. It's actually been deprecated for quite a while.. although some older software uses it, I've heard suggestions that support for it will disappear soon.

Zulkir has one commit for some additional draw methods, dellis1972 adds RaspberryPi support. Then I see gamepad support, more math functions, and a few other changes.

I'm not really a git wizard, although I know one.

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I am also interested in possibly helping out with the further development of OpenTK.

While I am not sure about what actually has to be worked on, as I only found OpenTK about a week ago, from what I have seen so far, it certainly is a project worth supporting.
So I say that the most important thing(that I can do right now) is to at least keep this discussion alive.

Regarding git, I feel by no means comfortable to set up a repo for this, but I am using git on almost a daily basis, and I do not think that will pose a problem.

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I'd like to commit some patches too, if you set up the repository please give me push access.

Keyboard / Mouse / Gamepad all need work IMHO.

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some months ago i posted these two patches:

maybe someone needs these functions........

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From the list that flopoloco has given, OpenTK is probably not really dead. It has many zombies :o) Just kidding.

Probably no one is merging their changes and some of them decided to fork it on github hoping that one day someone will take charge and compile all the individual fixes together.

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I'm maintaining the GoldBlockGames fork on GitHub, I'm mostly adding in various Matrix classes and optimizing them (There was a commit a while ago about optimizing matrix multiplication, I'm applying the same optimization to the rest of the classes) and just generally adding more functionality to the Math classes.

Also if no one else is working on Gamepad, I was going to get that eventually. Figured we'd be nice and put up a public repo with all the changes we have to make.

I'd be in support of something being set up on GitHub that we can all hack experimental stuff on and then send out major, complete patches to the offical SourceForge repo.

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Thanks for notification.

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I'll support this enterprise with the necessary modifications to the website under 1 condition: do not name the fork OpenTK. We worked very hard to establish the OpenTK "brand" - the reputation/respect that goes with the name.

We do not keep the number of users with write access at a bare minimum because of dictatorship or whatever. It was simply to guarantee that our repo is at all times reliable and safe to use. The MIT license protects us so far that we could intentionally add backdoors to OpenTK and you cannot take any legal action. The audience are developers so it's a good target for spionage/sabotage. Once an incident has happened, I doubt the name/trust can be recovered/cleaned back to it's original state. A single 12-year-old-power-whore or malicious businessman can do serious damage if you grant 50 random people write access. I have no time to do QA and my suggestion with crowdfunding to hire someone to do this did not succeed, so good luck with this. But if it blows up in your face I don't want to see any shrapnel hitting OpenTK.

P.S. I will not openly write under which conditions we granted write access, but when you do this and need some guidelines that worked so far contact me via pm.