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Is OpenTK Dead? [solved: no, it is not]

Hi all,

Is OpenTK still under development, or is it dead?

I noticed some disturbing signs, like:

- Forums get one post per day max
- No nightly releases since March
- No official releases since 2010
- No news or blog posts since 2010


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we already pay a lot for xamarin.mac, monotouch and mono android.
they sell opentk at an expensive price, I think they should give a little to the opentk developers...

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Okay, I've addressed some of the basic Mac related issues in this branch here:

Please contact me with patches or pull requests and I'll take a look at them. Alternatively, give me your github name and I can give you push access.

Currently, I've got about half of the examples working! I also reviewed a few of the outstanding Mac specific issues on the issue tracker.

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I will diff the version we have on our TFS server with whats in the official repository and if there is anything useful I will create a patch set. Our company is shutdown for the holidays so it may be the first week in January before I get to it.

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Hi Guys,

Just started playing with OpenTK and OpenGL/AL.

I noticed this on source forge

"DisplayDevice.cs 3126 5 weeks the_fiddler Fixed incorrect reference in GetDisplay() documentation."

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Nice catch Grimston! I hadn't noticed the commit. Too bad there hasn't been anything since then. It looks like a minor whitespace/comment change. If the_fiddler is back, there are a lot of changes waiting for him on github.

A big thanks to the folks in this thread who have contributed. I'm very pleased to see how many people stepped up with their fixes.

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I also just started playing with OpenTK and would say such a project should not be allowed to die. If one man's effort can create such an outstanding and production ready product, we as a .NET community can put in some efforts to keep this project going. There is also SharpGL which appears to be very good and is actively being developed. I say we rally our efforts behind both these guys to keep these projects going, so we have very good alternatives.

I am a seasoned .NET developer but relatively new to the area of computer graphics. However, I can help with documentation and starting a new website, if required. I do have experience with ASP.NET MVC*.

Also, in terms of source code, should we consider using Mercurial and bitbucket? I am currently hosting two Open Source projects on bitbucket and it works great.

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Hi Knji,

A number of community members have been submitting fixes to a github fork.

Documentation would always be fantastic- fortunately we can work within the existing web page for that. I've added a little bit here and there, but I haven't made an effort to really go through things. Documentation is in wiki format here:

So far the focus has mostly just been on bug fixes and trying to get OpenTK working on a Mac and newer versions of Windows.

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Good to hear, thanks. Once I get the hang of things, I will be contributing to the docs.

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We'd greatly appreciate if someone, who's native language is english, does a pass through the docs. There's a few yoda-ish things which happened through the german-english translation and every bit of help would be very welcome! Thanks!

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Maybe OpenTK is not dead?

I came across a user account called "thefiddler" on GitHub:

It was created in December.

There is what claims to be an "official" OpenTK repository created 6 days ago:

This user has activity as of 5 days ago:

No clue if this is the real guy or not or why he hasn't bothered to chime in here.