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Is OpenTK Dead? [solved: no, it is not]

Hi all,

Is OpenTK still under development, or is it dead?

I noticed some disturbing signs, like:

- Forums get one post per day max
- No nightly releases since March
- No official releases since 2010
- No news or blog posts since 2010


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It's an impostor. Someone so bored she cannot wait for April 1st? :/

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Or maybe someone who tried to do an SVN import while preserving the name of the original maintainer? This might have been done in good faith.

What you should do is register an OpenTK account on GitHub. Make it an organization. Add trusted members from the community as maintainers. Put a fork us on GitHub badge on this page. Await pull requests coming in, do code reviews, merge what looks good. Throw out some test builds: Release early, release often. This will surely revive this project. Even though Xamarin could exploit your very permissive MIT license, I bet Miguel and his crew are still very committed to Open Source and will merge their enhancements back once there is an easy way to throw patches at so you also get big corporate support.

Your idea to have crowdfunding or donations rely on making the project attractive and keeping it alive. No one wants to invest into an uncertain future. has been rejected because of OpenTK being dead just like Tao.

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My earlier statements in this thread are still valid and explain why there is no "help wanted" signs or anyone taking over. Please read them rather than let me repeat myself, thanks.

Regarding the "go to website x, reserve name y and z" the answer is: I will not do this. Other SVN too? social networks? ALL coding forums? and EVERY eMail provider? You cannot prohibit different spelling and there is no end to this and just waste of time, sorry.

Regarding companies, it's important to realize that neither Apple sends us hardware nor does Microsoft send us Windows 8 / VS 2012 / Xbox 8 - however we get users who have problems with their products, which means heavier tech support load on us. Often we could not fix problems, because we simply didn't have the hw/sw to replicate them. These are very bad work conditions. The overall distribution of workhours and money is just too wrong to continue as it is. If you cannot live from working on OpenTK, OpenTK cannot live from your work - it's as simple as that. I cannot do more besides keeping the forum clean so you can help each other. I've invested sufficient charity work into OpenTK and the website, it's enough for 2 lifetimes. I don't even dare to estimate Fiddler's contribution...

...and no, this isn't evil-$$$-corporation-rant, in fact I'm proud that Xamarin use our work and that XNA's successor is named surprisingly similar to OpenTK. We obviously made some impact and did some things right ^^

Regarding crowdfunding, OpenTK is not some idea on paper or empty promise. There's over half a decade of work in it already and that requires maintenance. If I commit GL 4.3 and ES 3.0 bindings this weekend, proofread Andy's fork and merge it to trunk and fix all issues in the tracker ontop of that, the number of users participating in crowdfunding to hire Fiddler will rather halve than double. Everyone likes free - you do and so do I.

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No one is requesting you to provide unlimited enterprise support for free on this website. You should just open the development process for the community to contribute fixes. makes this dead simple and even allows you to get paid for new features and do crowd founding.

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If that is true, you should try to shut down that (fake?) repository as soon as possible, if it's a hacker, it's a matter of time he adds some sort of trojan horse into the code, then new developers looking for OpenTK, and not aware of this thread my end in that repository and downloading his hacked code.... and if it ends exploding, then OpenTK will be dead for good.

Really, I preffer the code to stay frozen than some shady developer takes the project...