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Where is OpenTK 1.1 source download?

I'm working with a 3rd party open source library that came with it's own copy of OpenTK.dll, ver. I need to link some code I wrote using OpenTK 1.0 but it won't link because the other library is using a newer version.

I do see comments from others that they have 1.1 but I'll be darned if I can find it anywhere.

A little help please.

Does anyone know where I can download OpenTK 1.1 source code?

Thanks in advance!


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It's available from the SVN trunk:

Not sure if there's any "normal" downloads anywhere, but if you have an SVN client just connect to the above URL and check it out locally.

However, while the trunk is 1.1, the revision/build numbers don't match up. Perhaps your version is from someone elses fork?

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That version string: "" indicates that it was built on Wednesday, October 17th, 2010, from someone's source control repository that was at revision 38125.. probably an SVN repository. The official SVN repository is at r3125.... so like Richard said, it's got to have come out of someone else's repository.