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Flickering artefacts - colored squares

Recently, I reinstall my computer, and now, my very simple GLSL shader give me strange flickering artefacts with many small coloured squares . Those artefacts are only visible on geometries.

Windows 7 64bits, Nvidia (Asus) GTX 550 Ti

If I remove my shader binding and only use fixed pipeline, I have no artefacts at all.
It seems that coloured squares always have the same rectangular size (3 x 6 pixels)

What is the common cause of this kind of artefacts ? Could it be a problem with Uniforms settings ?
I changed nothing in my shaders and it was working before my computer reinstall.

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Could you post the shader source code here? It would make finding the issue a LOT easier.

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Hi and thanks to help me Robmaister.
Unfortunately, I completely rewrote this shader by merging some tutorials and the bug go off. I'm not able to reproduce this behaviour, but it was something related to colours vectors sadly multiplicated or something like that.
I don't understand why this kind of error give us this kind of artefacts with rectangles patterns, but the next time I will see this,I'll know that it's related to shaders.