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When installing OpenTK I got the following 2 errors

When installing OpenTK I got the following 2 errors...

- The VSIX Installer says, "This extension is not installable on any currently installed products."
So I took a look at the Install Log and it seems it requires Visual Studio 2010 to be installed.

- The second error I got was saying that NSHader 1.1 requires Visual Studio 2008.

I currently have Visual Studio 2012 installed. Do I need to have the older versions of Visual Studio installed to use OpenTK?


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NShader is a Visual Studio extension that does syntax highlighting on GLSL/Cg/HLSL. It's not part of OpenTK but is included with the installer for convenience. Since the last official OpenTK release is a bit dated, the included version of NShader was before VS2012 existed. If you want NShader, just grab it from the offical page:

OpenTK installed just fine and you don't need a specific version of Visual Studio to use it (or any version of Visual Studio for that matter, just .NET 2.0 or Mono 2.0)

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Thank you for the reply!