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OpenTK Examples with glslDevil or GPUPerfStudio

I'm ramping up to start development on a game I've been contemplating off and on for the last few years, but one critical aspect of the game requires that I have graphics pipeline debugging support as I'm planning on a heavily RTT/ComputeShader based processing chain to generate some of the procedural content needed for the game....

I've just tried running the examples app (specifically the advanced geometry shader demo) using both the above mentioned graphical debuggers... with glslDevil the app gets hung up in a loop trying to fetch a GLcontext, and GPUPerfStudio works fine up until the point where I try to capture a frame for debugging and everything just hangs.....

Has anyone else worked with either of these tools who might be able to suggest what I'm doing wrong ???


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I can't comment on those tools, but on a Mac, it works with OpenGL Profiler. I'm able to see the shader code, textures, data uploaded to vertex buffers, etc. All the breakpoints and debugging information seems to print okay. Maybe others her3e could provide suggestions for your platform.