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opengl .net support (too many projects?)

http://sourceforge.net/projects/taoclassic/ take a look at this new (.net opengl) project. aren't out there too many opengl .net support projects?


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Hmm, it uses SourceForge and Facebook. Development notes are only available in Hungarian. Sorry, this is not the way how to provide a proper upstream nowadays. I suggest you throw your patch at https://github.com/mono/tao as Chris Forbes did to fix the Tao.FreeType bugs to make it work with OpenRA on x64.

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I'm the maintainer of Tao Classic, not the guy who opened this topic...

To answer your comment, i'm not planning to "throw patches" to OpenTK neither to "provide a proper upstream" for this project, sorry. If you need anything from Tao Classic, feel free to copy it, i don't care, it's open source anyway.

Tao Classic is a continuation of Tao Framework as it's stated on Facebook, Wikipedia, etc, etc and hence it follows a bit different approach than OpenTK does. (Many people still like the C++ish flavor of Tao code instead of using the .NET-ish renamed constants, etc. you have here in OpenTK)

By the way, i don't get what do you mean that the "development notes" are in hungarian? You mean that my personal blog is in hungarian? So what? The source code and the documentation is in english anyway.

No offense, but i've felt that some things needed to be clarified...

Have a nice day,