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Trying to force the unaccelerated software renderer

Do you know a way to create an OpenTK GLControl in WinForms, so that the internal context is not using hardware acceleration - offered by the current graphics board driver installed in a Windows machine - but using the unaccelerated OpenGL machine offered by Microsoft with the oldie "OPENGL32.DLL"?
I would like in some circumstances to avoid the the hardware acceleration due to some bugs about my application implementation and use the software acceleration with a low-end OpenGL profile. I need only OpenGL 1.1 specs.

There's way to create a context:

factory.CreateGLContext(mode, window, shareContext, direct_rendering, major, minor, flags)

taking the right factory, but I didn't find anything how to operate the factory in order to bypass the opengl32.dll choice. Another way could be to follow this suggestion:


but, here in the OpenTK repository there's no evidence of such techniques.