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GameWindow IME Support on OS X

Spanish users of my game are saying that the PC release supports Spanish characters, but the OS X version does not. I did a bit of testing on my Macbook and discovered that the commands that would have triggered IME on OS X are being sent as keypresses rather than triggering IME.

Is there a work-around? Any recommendations how I should approach this? As I'm using 'GameWindow', I shouldn't have to hide a textbox off-screen (that should already be done internally in GameWindow; is it?).


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Hey Fleury, I asked some people way smarter than me:


The mac keyboard stuff is all carbon calls, so that predates the familiar NSText "yellow text' when you're using the input manager on OS X.

The Carbon approach that could be used in openTK is the Text Services stuff:

Although it was retired in 2008, there's still support for it. There's a suspicion it'll be dropped from the OS sooner rather than later though. So if you want to give it a shot, that document will get you started.