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The Future of OpenTK

Hi Folks,

Just wanted to pass this along for those who hadn't seen it:


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Hello Andy, it's good to hear that things getting right on track and OpenTK will continue stronger. Also good news about Fiddler is dropping in again, he surely scared us like hell for not giving any signs of life.

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great news, welcome back fiddler :)

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It's an impostor.

Do NOT give her any user privileges, actually you should contact github staff and evaluate legal options, this is an attempt at hacking/sabotage.

Probably some kid who's not good at cracking or making demos and tries to make a name as a 1337 haX0r ^^

Anyway it's not who you'd want it to be. What she does is similar to: Search for church websites, make account "Jesus", exploit.

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Talks are happening now... if it was an imposter then they have hijacked his name and email account.

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Ideally we'd want him to post here with his account to alleviate most doubts.

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If I'm reading the logs correctly, The Fiddler hasn't shown up for little over three months now. Given that this place is called OPENTK.COM, I'd expect him to drop in here first and foremost.

I'm also highly suspicious about this person. I'm with Inertia, do not grant him any "permissions" prior to some sort of verification from this site.

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You folks might want to share your concerns on the github page. The MonoGame folks found this TheFiddler account on their own and they don't all read the openTK forums.

It sounds like some of you guys might have a bit more information. Like you know who this is, or it's happened before? About the same time as the github account was created, there was a opentk SVN commit... whitespace changes only. No code changes associated with the new github version of fiddler. (Although wouldn't it be crazy if an inposter showed up and started fixing bugs?)

I don't really understand why an inposter would pick a sad broken project like OpenTK when they could infiltrate something like apache, or really anything on the "popular" pages of sourceforge.. unless it's a personal vendetta. But this is all a bit much for me, so I'll just let you guys handle it. I don't want to get stuck in the middle as a messenger.

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It's a shame, this project is really important. I wouldn't call it sad and broken, it just needs some TLC from the original devs.

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What about registering the GitHub account with an e-Mail address and setting it as publicly viewable in the profile. How hard can it be to verify ones identity on a website that uses git with SSH keys as a backend? Seriously. Please don't be that careless and respond in time when those suspicions arise.