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Build.UpdateVersion how does it work?

I know this is not directly related to the development of OpenTK but I was wondering if someone could explain how the Build.UpdateVersion project gets executed before the main project is compiled. I was looking through the visual studio project and solution files but found nothing that causes it to be executed at build time (or I'm obviously missing something). I appreciate any help that I can get.


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If you're using Monodevelop, it doesn't automatically run. It tripped me up when I was new to OpenTK, since it's pretty tricky for someone unfamiliar with the project to get it compiled.

In Monodevelop, build all, then right click on the UpdateVersion and Run Item. Then you'll be able to build again successfully.

I think in Visual Studio it just happens magically, but I don't know for sure. (or how)

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In my branch I just updated the project files to cause UpdateVersion to be run automatically when building in the IDE.