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Cannot Set Icon of Window in Ubuntu

Hi All, I am writing the game in C# with OpenTK.
And now the game was running perfectly in Windows.

But I have little problem, I am copying my sources project into Linux, and try to open it with MonoDevelop, it always give me an error.
The error line pointing when I am Set the Icon of Window this.Icon = MyNameSpace.Properties.Resource.MainIcon

When I trace it, the error come from OpenTK\Platform\X11\X11GLNative.cs at INativeWindow Members -> Icon Properties, it hit the exception at line 1019 when the convert process between Icon and Bitmap System.Drawing.Bitmap bitmap = value.ToBitmap();

Is this OpenTK bug? or what?
Can someone fix this?



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What's the exception? Something about the GDI Drawing stuff missing? That might just not be available on the linux platform.

Was it this?

I think much of OpenTK hasn't been tested on Linux. I don't really know. I had issues with similar calls on OS X, but I don't recall ever finding a solution.