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example does not run on OS X

I'm running OS X Leopard with the latest Mono.
The example QuickStart throws the following:

Unhandled Exception:
OpenTK.Platform.MacOS.MacOSException: AGL Error from function aglCreateContext: BaxPixelFormat invalid pixel format
at  OpenTk.Platform.OacOs.aglContext.MyAGLReportError.....

What could be the cause of this? It works fine on Windows and Linux


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Hi winterhell,

This is a known issue that was fixed in SVN back in 2010, but if you downloaded the version on the front page, you will have a version older than that.

You can either grab the version out of the OpenTK svn or get the github version:

There are a few dozen other mac related bugs that have been fixed on Github. (Although there are still more!) Over half of the examples work on a mac out of github.

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I just built from your source but still get the same error. I suspect the problem is a possible lack of hardware acceleration as I'm running in a virtual machine.

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Yeah, I vaguely remember thinking when I wrote that code that it wouldn't work on a system that only has software rendering.