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Offscreen rendering, no GameWindow

I want to use OpenTK to draw a scene and output it into a bitmap (and then save it to the disk).
I don't need any window. This all is offscreen.

All opentk samples I have seen use a GameWindow.

My question is simple : Is it possible to initialize OpenTK (and/or) OpenGL without any window?
Or to use a trick like working with a hidden windows (I did this in the past, but it was with DirectX)?

Note : Here is the background of my problem: I'm working on a oceanographic project that first had nothing to deal with 3D. For this project I need to create a big terrain heighfield, using a 3D point clouds as an input. I have triangulated these points using Delaunay, but now I need to rasterize this triangulat network into a bitmap.