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Creating a Grid and MovementByDragging

I'm trying to implement a very large grid (one that expands beyond the GLControl display). I know i could implement this by looping through x times for x = width and creating vertical lines. Then looping through y times for y = height and creating horizontal lines. I was just wondering if there was a more efficient function included within the OpenTK library that i could use?

Also, i want to be able traverse this grid by clicking and dragging. I was thinking checking if the user is holding down the mouse button, then changing the Grid's position based on the delta of the mouse positions between each frame. Would this be efficient enough? Or is there another solution that would be faster?

Edit: I posted this same question on StackOverflow. Any support on this topic in either this website or the StackOverflow website will be appreciated (Click here to check it out)
If anyone is willing to check it out and give some oversight, it'd be much appreciated!

Thank you!
~Tristen Horton.
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