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Extend OpenTK


Is it okay to extend the Vector* / Box2d structs and post a SVN patch here? I need some functionality , which I would like to implement directly and contribute to the project.


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Feel free to extend Vector*! Patches always welcome.

Regarding Box2, I'm starting to think this struct might have been a bad idea on my part. System.Drawing.Rectangle and Region cover the same things (more or less) - take a look there first, to see if they cover what you need?

Also, may I ask what kind for a rough idea of the functionality you need? The reason I'm asking is that I've been slowly merging a patch by JTalton, which adds several juicy bits to Vector* and Matrix*.

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Indeed I am using Rectangle instead of Box2 at the moment, because it offers a more extensive interface. But I want to avoid a using of System.Drawing in code where OpenTK.Math is used (which offers Box2) to keep it straight. So I would like to extend the interface of Box2 a little. It's also OK if you drop the Box2 struct.

For Vector2 I need:

public static Vector2 One = new Vector2(1, 1);
public Vector2 RightNormal();
public Vector2 LeftNormal();

It is not that much at the moment. But I wrote some vector arithmetic classes / structs a while ago and maybe I could extend OpenTK.Math with my functionality.
But If you say, that JTalton's patches covers the above three methods / properties, I will wait until you finished.

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I just checked out the repository (trunk) from sourceforge. Is there a way to build the project files for Visual Studio 2008?

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Yes, open cmd and head to the Build/ folder. Then type "Bulid.exe vs" to generate a VS solution.

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i also plan to contribute additional Vector* patches, for example for methods that Vector3d has, but Vector3 not .... i will post more details later


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The single precision versions will get all the features double precision versions have. I'm slowly merging differences back and forth.

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I read in the instructions.txt about "Bulid.exe vs", but it builts a Visual Studio 2005 solution, which needs to be converted to 2008. Thanks for the info, but I was asking if it is possible to build Visual Studio 2008 project files directly.

Should I wait with my patches until you finished merging the current patches?

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No, it's not possible (not supported by Prebuild).

No, build your patches (I'm working on OpenAL right now, so they won't conflict).

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When the patch is finished, how should I deliver it? Post a topic or through sourceforge?

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Just attach it to this topic.