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What's with OpenTK and Nuget?

Hi everyone,

I've recently noticed the growing quantity of NuGet OpenTK packages. Are any of them official? What worries me is that they all have different versions, from 1.0 to various variants of 1.1 and all seem to include different components of OpenTK (like Compat or GLControl).

This means that if I have interacting projects with different needs (e.g. one project with only OpenTK and another with OpenTK and GLControl), I can't resolve their dependencies correctly with the current packages...

Is anyone managing this?



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None of them are official.

Any official releases would

  • Be announced on this website before anywhere else
  • involve some preceding discussion regarding the changes on this website. (At very least *something* regarding merging the fork maintained by Andy & Co.)
  • contain updated bindings generator and at least GL 4.4 bindings
  • likely also result in an update for Fiddler's GL++ spinoff
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Thanks for the reply and sorry for the long hiatus.

What would be necessary for this to happen? I'm planning to release code on NuGet that uses OpenTK and it would be a tremendous advantage to have official packages done right. It kind of defeats the purpose of NuGet if every framework using OpenTK is publishing their own version (e.g. Axiom.OpenTK; DeltaEngine.OpenTK; OpenTK unofficial, etc...)

Individual packages with dependencies are also preferred to bundles since it composes better. For example, OpenTK would be a package and OpenTK.GLControl would be another package that depends on OpenTK.

Bundles can be created as a third package that just depends on individual packages, like OpenTK WinForms could be a package that depends on both OpenTK and OpenTK.GLControl.

I'm available to contribute whatever is necessary to help in this, and commit a significant portion of my time to make sure it is done right. Is anyone available for this discussion? If not, does anyone know who would be willing to have it and how they can be contacted?

To be honest, I think preparing NuGet packages for the current official release should have higher priority than the merge. Any later release can just be shipped as an update to the 1.0 package. No improvements to the code base are necessary whatsoever. Visual Studio development is fully embracing NuGet going forward, and rightly so. Even the free versions of VS ship with it right now.

I think OpenTK is an amazing piece of software and it deserves to be made widely available, even if just in its current form.

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There was recently some mention of updated unofficial OpenTK NuGet packages here..!topic/opentkr-dev/puL6T8ySMHQ

AFAIK, there is nobody at the helm maintaining anything Official OpenTK anymore. On that mailing list we're doing some work and getting critical mass to justify a maintained fork with a name change.