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Add sound in a wav

Hi all, I am trying to adding (combining) the wav files.
Let's say, I have 3 wav files, the 1st wav duration is 3 minutes and the others wav is only have 10 seconds duration

And I want combine those wav files, so for example, I want put 2nd wav on 1:10 in 1st wav and put 3rd wav on 1:50
is it possible to do this?
thank you, and sorry for my bad English


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Just play the other .wav in a 2nd OpenAL source after 1:10 have elapsed on the first source, or mix it all together into a single file with software like

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I want my application to mix it and save it into file without any other third party / software
is it possible with OpenAL?

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Not without some kind of hack, e.g. my Soundcard has an input device "What U hear" and that can be recorded.