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google-group to discuss possible OpenTK fork...

OpenTK is a great and useful piece of software. It's a shame to see the mainline here stalled and the community confusingly splintering patches around github forks, particularly for MacOS support and bugs.

Inertia has stated he has no issue with a fork of OpenTK, provided it uses a different name. I don't yet know if there is enough continued interest, but I'd like to discuss it and it doesn't seem appropriate to do it here on the OpenTK forums.

If you are developing or using OpenTK, and would like to talk about options to move the code forward, through a temporary or permanent organized fork, and/or merging with one of the other CLR/OpenGL related efforts, please join me at this Google Group. Keep in mind that even if we do get some interest and members joining, it may take some time before we have a critical mass of people to form a useful discussion.!forum/opentkr-dev

@Inertia - I apologize for the necessary divisive nature of this post and creating another group. I felt it the least-bad way to discuss the possibility of a fork. If nothing comes of it, it'll be easier to fade away and be forgotten this way. If we can't fork a discussion, we can't possibly fork the project. Just trying to help the OpenTK codebase. Apologies and thanks.