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Dependency Installer

[Move Reason: Completely unrelated to the bookpage. Driver problems have no place in the book. Use the FORUM for discussions/support. Thank you! -Inertia]

I get "alut.dll not found" errors with OpenTK0.9, when trying out a simple Alut.Init() windows application.

Do I have to have alut.dll besides the .exe after all..?

What is your approach when it comes to availability of OpenAL implementations on different OSs?

I mean, it is quite safe to assume some kind of OpenGL implementation on Windows / ubuntu.

But what is the situation for OpenAL? I just found out I didn't have the necessary .dll for OpenAL (OpenAL32.dll) on my WinXP SP2 box (home development/game box so it contains quite a lot of stuff, but not OpenAL..).

Should I ship my game with OpenAL drivers for the different operating systems or what is your suggestion?


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Much as I would love an automated installer/dependency checker, I cannot devote resources to something like this at this point. A simple web-page (http://www.opentk.com/doc/chapter/1/troubleshooting) and more robust exception handling (directing users to this page) should be enough for now.

There is a high possibility that OpenAL Soft will be the official implementation by the time OpenTK reaches 1.0. If that happens, there will be little point to build a dependency installer (it would only be necessary for Windows, where you can rely on oalinst.exe anyway).

I think it would be great were someone to create an installer app for OpenTK. At this point however, I think it might be more worthwhile to just bug your distro's openal maintainers to adopt OpenAL Soft.